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Stranger Than Paradise gifts and toys in North Melbourne

Stranger Than Paradise gifts and toys in North Melbourne

Stranger Than Paradise gifts and toys in North MelbourneStranger Than Paradise gifts and toys in North Melbourne

Five dinner party games for Christmas 2019


The Christmas and New Year holiday period is the perfect time for inviting friends and family

around for a dinner party. There’s no better way to cap an excellent evening of food and drink

than with a game, and games always make a welcome Christmas gift.

Unstable Unicorns

Could there be anything more glorious than to build your own army of unicorns? No doubt many

of us have had this ambition, and with Unstable Unicorns, you can now fulfil your mythical

quest! Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game for 2-8 players filled with intrigue, betrayal

and destruction – a perfect complement to any dinner party.

Seinfeld Happy Festivus Board Game

Ready to air your grievances? Festivus dates back to December 18, 1997, when the much-

loved 90s sitcom Seinfeld introduced the world to this genuinely demented Costanza family

holiday tradition. You and your loved ones can now celebrate Festivus too, complete with the

eight Festivus poles and 24 feats of strength tickets that come with the Festivus board game.

Ridley’s Games

Ridley’s consistently come out with the smartest and funniest games around. We stock an

extensive collection of their games, including trivia card games on topics like movies, music and

the 1980s that will test even the biggest buffs. Ridley’s take classic card game ideas and always

manage to give them a clever twist, which makes these games a real treat for dinner parties.


It had been a lovely dinner party, the food was delicious and the company splendid, but then

darkness descended upon proceedings. We had been plunged into the world of Atmosfear!

Many of us remember the original version of this classic board game from the 90s. The

contemporary version delivers the same scary vibe while making use of new interactive

elements via an app. Guaranteed to turn any dinner party into a frightfully fun experience!


Codenames is a board game created by Vlaada Chvátil, a prolific and legendary Czech game

designer. Chvátil has a reputation for designing funny, exciting and innovative games that

always give players plenty to think about. Based on a spy theme, Codenames is played by two

opposing teams competing to see who can make contact with all of their agents. Suitable for 2-8

players, this is a unique board game that’s sure to keep players guessing throughout.

Unstable Unicorns


Five family games for Christmas 2019

Car and playing tokens on a board game

Games make fantastic Christmas presents for a few reasons: they’re perfect for holidays; you can play them as a family; and games tend to stick around long after shiny gadgets lose their lustre. 

Here are five fun, educational games that appeal to young kids and keep grown-ups engaged as well.

Rhino Hero: Super Battle is a stack of fun

A card-stacking game that’s all about building tension. Rhino Hero battles fellow superheroes (pick your favourite) by climbing the teetering skyscrapers built by players to fight crime – but watch out for the dastardly spider-monkeys! Rhino Hero: Super Battle is a sequel to the original Rhino Hero game from 2011. It’s an instant family favourite that mixes the strategy of Uno and the skill of Jenga.

Get in a frenzy playing Tenzi

Tenzi is the Ramones of dice games: fast, fun and frenzied. The rules are simple: roll your ten dice until all ten show the same number. It sounds too simple to be true, but it works. Forget about convoluted strategies or subtle mind games – just roll, baby, roll! Warning: sitting around a table playing this with 3-4 other people is a recipe for manic hyperventilation. 

Outfoxed by clucky detectives

Outfoxed is an adorable game for younger kids (5+) that’s engaging enough to keep parents playing, too. It’s a classic fox-and-chicken whodunit, (think Cluedo but with fewer lead pipes in the library!) with players piecing together clues and deducing which thieving fox has run off with Mrs Plumpert’s prized pot pie! Another cool thing is the slide decoder gadget players use to test clues. 

Wake up, Sleeping Queens!

Games like Sleeping Queens are a great way to help kids learn basic maths concepts. Using strategy, quick thinking and a little luck, players wake up as many snoozy queens as possible without falling foul of wicked potions and pesky dragons. Heaps of fun, Sleeping Queens is a card game that develops memory, strategy, and elementary arithmetic skills.  

Little Red Riding Hood rides again

The classic fairytale repackaged in puzzle game form. Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe is a smart game of logic that asks young kids to test their problem-solving skills to make sure Little Red avoids the Wolf and gets home. It’s also a game grown-ups might find themselves playing even without the kids around. The game comes with a lovely little illustrated book, too. 

Sleeping Queens

Outfoxed Game

Benefits of wooden toys in 2019

Wooden toys are simple yet multifaceted and are incredibly beneficial for the cognitive, social and physical development of children. 

The developmental benefits of wooden toys have been extensively researched and shown to be a great asset in your child’s development.

Below are some of the many advantages of allowing your children to play with wooden toys.


The organic experience of touching, sensing the surface, shape, volume, and weight of the wooden toys develops complex neurological connections in the child’s brain and enhances their memory. 

Wooden toys are a truly organic extension of play, gratifying young curious minds and satisfying their senses.

Reduces anxiety

Research shows that children experience a more tranquil and advantageous quality play through wooden toys than from any other material.  

Plastic, noisy battery powered bright toys can overstimulate, stress and cause exhaustion in children, compared to the minimalistic, wholesome and non-intrusive nature of wooden toys. 

Language Development

Sensory play allows children to try and learn new ways of talking about the world. It supports their language development and encourages them to effectively communicate with others during play. 

Motor Skills

Wooden toys are essential for the development of fine motor skills, which is the coordination of small muscles and the synchronization of hands and fingers with the eyes. 

Playing with wooden blocks prepares the child for more complex tasks later on, such as holding a pencil and other coordinated movements.

Cognitive Growth

Wooden toys support a child’s cognitive growth, enhancing their thought-process, reasoning, and logic.


Non-organically made toys, such as plastic and metal, are known for having toxic substances such as BPA, PVC, lead paint and so on. For young children, who tend to put toys in their mouths this can be especially dangerous. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are organic, non-toxic and naturally antibacterial. 

Durable, heirloom toys

Their classic appeal and basic learning attributes make them timeless and attractive for children of all ages and times. Plus, they are more durable, which means that they are more likely to be outgrown between siblings, children and even grandchildren.

Grimms Large Rainbow

Grimms Large Rainbow

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